#DailyWritingChallenge Day 39: Responsibility

I feel nauseous from all the news of late. So much poor planning has led to the UK having the highest death toll in Europe at the hands of COVID-19. Do I think lockdown began at least a week late? Yes, I do and I fear that without a sound, well-functioning track and trace system, numbers of those dying are set to rise again. Professor David Hunt states as much in an article published in a national newspaper today.

Is anyone taking responsibility? I see no evidence of this.

The economy is shrinking so we are needed back at work. Relentless pursuit of ‘dollar’. Divisive and conquering: we see others blaming those elopers being reckless and breaking lockdown to frequent a busy bank-holiday beach. What happened to social distancing?

Is anyone taking responsibility? I see no evidence of this.

As factories, building sites and warehouses return to work, overtime hours stack up to chase the backed up orders that are needed yesterday, ready for despatch. Will distancing be observed on the commute or on site? Anecdotal conversations suggest not. Will bosses or the health and safety executive enforce the rules? Sadly, anecdotal evidence suggests not and employees will have to work to eat. If there is a second wave I fear it will be in these workplaces and on public transport that transmission is passed. Not on a packed beach, even though those there were not being responsible in their choices.

Is any taking responsibility? I see it not, but there is plenty of blame.

Last year, I took responsibility for falling a bit behind due to three personal issues. I resigned and was made to feel like a parasitic failure. What a fool to feel that way after all this shambles. I was good at that job but allowed myself to become overwhelmed and dealt badly with how I was held to account. This really knocked me back but I took responsibility for not keeping up and not asking for help: I told my employer the situation but did not explicitly ask for help and I take responsibility for these mistakes. With hindsight, the problems were surmountable but it is too late now. I move on with the knowledge of a lonely breaking point and a plan for always avoiding that place in future.

In my new place of employment, there hangs a sign, it says: ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, there is a lesson there for us all: responsibility cannot be taken lightly, but it cannot be taken whilst showing blind deference to a power that belittles your plight. It is important to challenge that with which we might disagree, in order to remain true to our sense of self and being responsible for our thoughts and actions.

Responsibility may start with ourselves, in order to be able to handle whatever the world throws at us, but it is also about those around us and I would like to think we are all equal as humans, whatever our bank balance or status would have us perceive.

We need to hold each other up, listen and be responsible for spreading warmth and kindness. Be the swan with the cygnets under wing. Nurture .

We do that first by having a positive, realistic and responsible plan for ourselves. To not do this could make us hypocrites and I cannot personally allow that for myself.

Be the change you want to see – maybe that is a big part of responsibility.

Article referenced: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/28/coronavirus-infection-rate-too-high-second-wave

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