#DailyWritingChallenge Day 35: Humility

Humble is perhaps the one, who is modest and sees not her worth, for there is always room to grow.

Understanding of others’ perspectives and seeking to empathise and forge strong links.

Modesty in profusion: may not one at anytime see another as inferior or beneath you.

Inquisitive to seek to improve, as there is always something to learn or renew from another angle.

Learning everyday that an opportunity is a chance to grow and make more connection.

Involve oneself not in winning an argument nor being the judge of anyone’s actions: be compassionate and forgiving.

Try to do your best every minute and learn from the mistakes we all make: it’s what comes next that matters.

You are one person: be vibrant and content to never truly understand another’s reasons or motives for their actions: remember to know another’s plight one might have to walk at least a thousand miles in their shoes, if they are fortunate enough to own some.

Humility: perfection is elusive but we all can strive to achieve

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