#DailyWritingChallenge Day 27: Perspective

Viewpoint. Opinion. Point of view.

Standing at the top of a mountain looking down on the world below,

the swirls of clouds swim around the lower peaks…

a sense of empowering accomplishment fills endorphin-fuelled lungs.

From the bottom looking up, despite a clear pathway upwards, the journey may seem daunting.


with a plan and a good team around you, that journey can be fulfilling.

Injuries? There may be a few tumbles along the way…

some boulders or tree roots that try to trip you up and bring you down

but, much will be possible if you keep that sense of positive perspective,

that winning feeling in mind.

Surround yourself with people whose perspectives enhance,

compliment and constructively challenge your own:

That can do wonders to develop, grow and help you in the ascent.

And yet…

Life isn’t always a mountain, or a series of obstacles.

We find challenges…

an undulating array of peaks and troughs,

the ebb and flow of highs and lows and meandering mundanity.

Stand back and take a walk, gain a sense of perspective, reassess, engage and discuss.

There is always a solution to be found,

whatever the rough.

Should a fork in the path present a cacophony of dissent, mutiny in the ranks,

Hold fast to your purpose, take out your compass and eye glass:

Remember to observe and balance the scale,

For in the midst of a storm and the losing of light,

a new day will emerge…

To cast its rays and shine on bright.

Lyrics from ‘Feeling good’ by Leslie Bricusse and sung by the iconic Nina Simone.

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