#DailyWritingChallenge Day 14: Joy

Loughrigg Tarn, Cumbria, August 2019 and yes, I am one of the dots swimming across.


Yes, joy is that small person cuddling and loving you; reading a story together, listening to music together or just being together brings joy. Holding them for the first time as their tiny little body is completely dependent on you for nurture, nutrition and warmth.

Then later…

An intense, thoracic feeling of elation and excitement rushes as they run down the stairs on a special day. The one day of the year that chocolate will be allowed for breakfast. Pour the sherry whilst cooking the dinner: family, food and films.

Here joy comes…

The tickle monster! Giggles and laughter and squealing with joy! An ice cream in the sun and jumping waves on the beach. Tag in the playground and racing around. Flying a kite, high on a hill and pedalling as fast as the wind downhill, feeling the breeze skin last and touch your face.

Three! Two! One! Go!

Inhale deeply and exhale in contented jolts as endorphins embrace your brain and you cross that finish line! Oxygen…

“We did it!”

Helping another to ride through a stormy day, or teaching a child how to read and to discuss. Watching exuberant curiosity-filled faces inquire and investigate, discover and dream.

Joyous, joyful, jubilant, joy!

Where does it come from and what does it mean?

Joy… contentment in being, a smile on a face.

As well, a solitary sanctuary… that quiet time to be able to recharge batteries. Read, write, or reflect. Joyful meditation in the sun, or toastie by the fire.

Feel joy, feel at one, feel like you… True joy true.

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