#DailyWritingChallenge Day 10: Forgiveness


Iridescent turquoise water; still as if oil reflecting the golden rays from a clarified sky.


Forgiveness opens like the tranquility of calm after a violent storm. Like a wreckage emerging through the ethereal vortex from Bermuda into tropical, Pacific realms, of paradise and serenity.


Vermillion red, arterial purple and crimson enraged anger, agitating the sky and stealing the light in a descent to tumultuous anarchy, disorder and a devilish deviation from that we know as perspective.


It splinters and tears gashes in the visceral core of self-worth and esteem. How can we trust again? Sometimes we hold a mirror and reflect on a misjudgement. Sometimes advantage is taken and injury seeks healing. Sometimes both parties are stubborn and compromise seems and infinite impossibility.

Run away.

To avoid instant and continuous repeats, we run on our feet and avoid confrontation, debate and resolution.


Me, not.


That place…

In the sea, where we all can be free from the hurt and the pain, even when scars remain. So, all can be at one in the refreshing rain.

Moving on. Life live…

We forgive.

It has to be said, I find it easier to forgive than to forget. However, it takes me quite a while to forgive, especially if the hurt caused is repeated by the same person. I do remember experiences vividly and replay them repeatedly when I think I could have handled them differently.

Secondly, I digress; I wonder how some humans seem able to forgive those who have perpetrated some horrific crimes against them or a member of their family. I sometimes feel annoyed at others for simply not saying good morning or smiling and showing some basic humanity. Should I forgive myself for being so petty? But to me these things matter.

Finally, I find it hard to forgive myself if I feel I could or should have done something better. But I try to forgive myself for being hard on myself: nothing is perfect. As I grow older, I seek to remind myself that I am not only responsible for myself and my time is not only for me and my interests and work. I also have to forgive myself for daydreaming about an alternative reality when the one I am living is one filled with love, laughter, excitement and joy.

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