#DailyWritingChallenge Day 9: Time

Just one moment in a frantic time…

Tick-tock, goes the clock –

“Too late.” Are they the saddest words in the English language?

A frantic whirlwind of alarms and sounds and bells and lists and reminders ringing in my brain.

Tick-tock goes the clock –

Me! No me! No me… Me, MEE, me, me, me. Do this first, no that…! No this… Hmmm both and all sound exciting. Which one?

Tick –


Tock –

Static freeze.

Tock –

Then success for a continuum of hyper-focused, unrecognisable time.

Tock-Tick-Tock –

Routine: alarm and jump and shower and dress and rise they do… They dress and breakfast and race and run, to the car or bus then school and breath…


Push yourself… Tick-tock-goes-the-clock-

Copy if needed then front and talk and smile and praise and register.

Smile “How are you?” And “Don’t worry, look here, watch me, now together and your turn. On your marks, get set, GO!”


Tick-tock-don’t you stop!

Teach. Learn. Laugh. Sweat. Floooowww …


Success. Repeat and smile and Yes! They got it and move, they didn’t, but try and try again.


Mark and smile and frown and plan and think… Alright, it’s better that way, we’ll try that way. Call home, it will help, show care and help, tell and encourage, reveal and relate, then homeward bound.


Race to swim, to run, to train. Create chances and opportunities and experiences and confidence.

Play. Fun and read and run, plan and dream.

Hug and kiss and nurture and bliss-



Will you stop and watch the clock?




Breathe. Relieve. Rest and reflect and not repeat.


Tame the beast it cries in pain!

Refine and drain and start again…


The clock never stops…


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