#DailyWritingChallenge Day 8: Gratitude

17th June 2017

So, I’m cautious that today’s post is twee and filled with clichés, but at a time when I feel grateful to be sheltered from the world’s suffering, it seemed appropriate.

I’m grateful for breath and the sound of the birds,

the bees and the wind and the rain.

A heart-racing run

or the tears of despair

or the long-standing love of remain.

I’m thankful I’m loved and embraced in a home,

my parents, my siblings, my brood…

A hug in the morning,

tantrums in evening,

an uplifting tempest of mood.

I’m inspired by the mountains, the ocean and sky,

the freedom evoked in a storm.

A blossom in spring

and the colours of fall

and innocent cries of new born.

I’m grateful for experience, travel and words,

always trying to open my mind…

Every day is a blank page,

a chance to design,

the pathway does slowly unwind.

I’m thankful for difference, imagination and thought,

cultures to explore and define:

tagines in the oven;

capoeira in sun;

the chance to discover is mine.

I’m inspired by the cycle and magic of life,

an infinite measure of time.

Although we are mortal,

ephemeral and weak,

We are fierce and the universe sublime.

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